How does it work?

Reposit is a great options for tenants. By purchasing a Reposit, you are paying a service charge equal to one weeks worth of rent to allow you not to pay a deposit and for your landlord to be added to the Reposit insurance Policy.

At the end of your tenancy, your landlord may claim on the Reposit. It is your right to either agree or dispute their claim and Reposit will act as an impartial mediation platform.

If you decide to dispute a claim, an independent arbiter will assess and award monies based on factual evidence presented both from the landlord and tenant.

Tenants are reminded that in order to dispute a claim they will need to pay a £60.00 upfront fee direct to Reposit. However, if your dispute is successful the £60.00 will be refunded to you.

What do I have to do?

Stonehouse has partnered with Reposit to bring you a no deposit option when letting your property with us.

Through Reposit we are able to bring you an alternative to the traditional deposit saving your tenants money and time which
means your properties attract more potential tenants.

Find your ideal rental property.

Stonehouse will refer you to Reposit.

You pay one week’s rent as
a fee to Reposit.

If there are any damages you
pay for them at the end of
the tenancy.

How will a tenant know that a property is eligible?

When you’re looking for your ideal property keep an eye out for the sticker such as the one shown on this property.

This sticker shows the property is available with our No Deposit Option and the landlord has agreed to let their property using the Reposit Service.

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