Help and advice for tenants regarding renting your home with Stonehouse Lettings.

Renting your home:

Q. How do I pay my rent?

A.  There are a number of ways you can make a payment to us:

Online banking: You can pay us through your online banking using the details provided when you sign your lease. You MUST quote your address followed by your name as the payment reference.

Standing Order: Download our standing order form Download

Q. Can I get a receipt for my rent payments made online or by standing order?

A. Receipts are only issued on manual payments such as cash, cheque or card payments, unfortunately we cannot provide receipts for online payments or standing orders, but if you require confirmation of payment we can give you this.


Q. Have you got any standard charges or fees I should know about?

A. When paying your rent by credit card, there is standard 3% fee for all Credit Card payments.  If you are late with your rent payment you may incur a fee of up to £40 (we strongly advise you contact us should you have any difficulties with paying your rent, we are here to help).


Q. How do I claim reimbursement for an approved repair or replacement item?

A. If you have been authorised to purchase an item for the property or you are authorised to arrange and pay for a repair yourself, you will need to provide us with a copy of the receipt, you must then email a copy of this with details of the refund and your bank details to

If there are no arrears on your account the reimbursement will be paid after your next rental payment. 

Q. What happens if I’m having trouble paying my rent?

A. We are here to assist you and to discuss any financial issues you may be having so please contact us if you are struggling to pay your rent or if you think you will be late paying your rent. 


Q.  How do I report a maintenance issue in my property?

A. Please report any maintenance through our online form here, by email or by phone 01224 269111. For emergencies please click here.


Q. What do I do if a leak occurs out of hours, or a neighbour says there is a leak or break in?

A. If there is a break-in at the property, please report it to the police as soon as possible along with informing your insurance company.  Please let us know the details as soon as you can as the landlord may require a crime reference number should there be damage to the property.  If there is a leak please report via our emergency numbers.


Q. What do I do if there is a leak into the neighbours from my property?

A. Find the stop cock and turn off the water, this could be located under the kitchen sink, in a cupboard or around the entrance door (in the property or stairwell side). The location could also be listed on your inventory. Then call our maintenance team on 01224 269111.


Q. There is water coming from above?!

A. We recommend you go upstairs to speak to your neighbour and find out what is happening. If they know of a leak ask them to switch off their water and please do not touch your electrics.  The neighbour is responsible for arranging for the leak to be repaired.  Please contact us on 01224 269111 to report any damage to your property.

If you are on the top floor it is likely that the roof is leaking so please report to us on 01224 269111.


Q. Can I decorate the property?

A. We need authorisation from the landlord for any decorating.  If they are happy for tenants to decorate the property themselves it needs to be carried out to a professional standard and all colours agreed before work begins, please contact our Property Management team to discuss further on 01224 269111.


Q. Who are my utility Suppliers?

A. If the utility providers are not listed on your inventory please contact M Pass on 0845 270 9101 to find out the electricity supplier and Transco on 0870 608 1524 for the gas supplier.  Please remember it is your responsibility to contact the Council to set up your Council tax.


Q.  I’ve moved in to the property and I have some maintenance issues to report?

A. Please report any maintenance through our online form here or phone 01224 269111. For emergencies please click here.


Q. My boiler is not working, can you help?

A. Call the maintenance team on 01224 269111 and we will talk you through the process, depending on the make of the boiler we may need to get an engineer out to assist you.


Q. What do I do if I smell gas?

A. Please call Scotland Gas Networks immediately on 0800 111 999 and please also report to our maintenance team on 01224 269111.


Q. There’s an undefined beeping noise in my property, what do I do?

A. Check smoke detector and/or CO detector - if you can safely reach the device then please change the battery. If you can’t reach it safely then please call our maintenance department on 01224 269111 or report via our online form here.


Q. A bulb has blown in the property and it needs to be changed. What should I do?

A. All bulbs are the responsibility of the tenant to change.   


Q. I’ve seen a mouse, help!

A. Make sure all foodstuff is put away and any rubbish is disposed of. Please try putting traps and pellets down, or use a sonic repellent. If you have tried these methods and the problem still persists then contact our maintenance department on 01224 269111 or report via our online form here.


Q. My sink/bath/shower is blocked?

A. Use drain un-blocker or a plunger or clear hair from waste traps, if it’s a serious blockage that won’t clear then please contact the maintenance team on 01224 269111 or report it online here.


Q. My washing machine has stopped working.

A. Please check the filter on the washing machine normally found on the front of the appliance at the base of the unit. Make sure this is cleared and if the problem still persists please call the maintenance team on 01224 269111 or report it online here.


Q. One of my radiators is cold, I need more heat please help?

A. Please bleed the radiator using a radiator key if there is not one in the property you can buy one from your local hardware shop.  Put the key in the valve at top of radiator, turn anti clockwise until you hear a hissing noise and when the water comes out close it.  Make sure you have a bowl or towel to catch any water drips. If the problem persists please call our maintenance team on 01224 269111 or report online here.


Q. My oven is not working?

A. Please check if this is switched on at the wall and make sure there is power available elsewhere in the property. If there is power getting to the oven but it will not heat up please make sure the clock is set on the appliance and that the over is set to manual. If the problem still persists then please call our maintenance team on 01224 269111 or report it online here.


Q. I need an instruction manual for my appliance?

A. Please try visiting these web sites for a copy of the manual, if this does not work then you can google the manufacturer name and model number.


Q. I have noisy neighbours?

A. If in Aberdeen City contact the Council’s noise team on 01224 523737 and if in Aberdeenshire contact the Council's noise team on 01467 628159. If you rent out-with this authority please contact our office for assistance.


Q. When do my bins get collected?

A. Aberdeen Council lists their bin collections on their website:

Aberdeenshire Council lists their bin collections on their website: